Welcome to McClusky Public School

Fall Concert
The McClusky Elementary and High School Fall Concert is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 6th at 6:30pm in the Heart Park.

Sports Passes
CMC Activity Passes are not available to purchase at extra-curricular activities this year.  Purchases of passes need to be made at either the McClusky, Turtle Lake-Mercer, or Underwood School’s District Offices or online via the following link:
 The Central McLean co-op and the TL-M-M co-op will allow 400 spectators for any sport at any game, after 400, no one will be allowed in the arena, onto the field, in the gym, etc. It is 500 total with the first 100 being coaches, refs, concession stand workers, and players.

If you are interested in purchasing video access to the games, check out www.NFHSnetwork.com and search for Underwood or Turtle Lake Mercer. By subscribing per month or for a full year, you get to watch all sports games for Underwood or Turtle Lake Mercer McClusky. You can also watch national games as well. Go to the link for more information.

CMC Video Link

 McClusky Public School has Job Openings!
McClusky Public School has openings in the following areas:

* Part-time Route Bus Driver
Benefit packages available for teaching positions. All positions are open until filled.  Send resume and credentials to Dale Ekstrom, Superintendent, McClusky Public Schools, PO Box 499, McClusky, ND 58463 or to Sarah Beck, Principal, via email at Sarah.Beck@k12.nd.us.

Upcoming Events:
Monday, September 21: JH/JV Football at Washburn at 5pm
**Only two spectators allowed per player**
Monday, September 21: Elementary Girls Basketball at McClusky vs. Underwood at 5:30pm
Tuesday, September 22: ABC Volleyball at Turtle Lake vs. Nedrose at 5pm
Thursday, September 24: ABC Volleyball at Garrison at 5pm
Thursday, September 24: Elementary Girls Basketball at McClusky vs. Wilton-Wing at 5:30pm
Friday, September 25: Elementary Girls Basketball at Max at 4pm
Friday, September 25: Football at Lewis & Clark-Berthold at 7pm
Saturday, September 26: A Squad Volleyball Tourney at Shiloh
Monday, September 28: Flu Shots for Staff & Students
Monday, September 28: JH/JV Football at TGU Towner at 4:30pm
Tuesday, September 29: ABC Volleyball at Turtle Lake vs. Washburn at 5pm